Wedding dress with beading close up

The wedding dress is often one of the most cherished and sentimental items a person owns. It symbolizes a significant and memorable event in one’s life, representing so much love and happiness. That’s why wedding dress preservation is so valuable. Preserving the dress will help maintain its appearance and sentimental value, allowing future generations to appreciate and possibly even wear the dress.

What is Wedding Gown Preservation?

Wedding gown preservation is a process designed to protect and maintain the condition of a wedding gown long after being worn. The process typically involves a unique cleaning method and solution different from regular everyday dry cleaning. If the gown is not appropriately cleaned and prepared for long-term storage, problems such as yellowing, oxidation, mold, and mildew growth could arise.
To help achieve the best results with cleaning your gown, it is best to:

• Communicate with your wedding gown specialist and point out and identify stains
• Provide a garment care tag with fabric composition
• Bring in your gown for cleaning soon after being worn to prevent stains from setting

After cleaning, store the gown in an acid-free tissue paper-lined box for long-term storage. This box should be breathable and stored in a cool, dark place. Brides commonly store their gowns by hanging them in plastic garment bags, but this is not ideal for the following reasons:

  1. Plastic garment bags let in too much sunlight, which will damage your dress over time
  2. Hanging the gown will stress parts of the dress and could result in your dress losing its shape

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